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Local SEO marketing gives businesses the opportunity to geographically target future customers. However, these people will only become your customer if they are made aware of your company’s existence. ( can help you with this) When you enter a search on a desktop, 20% of the results are local listings. When searching on a mobile device, the local listing results increase to 50%. More importantly, leads garnered from organic search have a 14.6% close rate compared to 1.7% for direct campaigns such as direct mail and print advertising.

The secret to local SEO is giving the search engines a clear message that you are open for business and easily found. Because they will never call you on the phone to ask if you are reputable, it is our job ( to make sure your business is listed correctly in a wide variety of directories and databases. Those listings, coupled with good social media and reviews, create a message to Google and Bing that you are open for business and reputable. Call us for a more comprehensive breakdown of the factors we can help you with local SEO marketing. 386-734-9600 |

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