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Bounce Marketing offers Web Design for new start ups & growing organizations!

We want to know… Does your website build client trust?

Did you know that a few website hyperlinks can be one of the most trusted forms of “advertising” online for your business or charity?  People that are ready to spend their money today are wary and don’t spend unless they have to. (or if they know with some certainty that they’re dealing with a reputable business or charity) 

Your website is that ‘avenue’ to gain their trust.  Here are some interesting percentages of people that feel they can gain a high level of trust when getting information about an individual/organization online. (This survey was done by: Source Forrester Research Inc.):
*Email from people you know: 77%

*Consumer Product Ratings/Reviews: 60%

*Portals/Search Engines: 50%

Yellow Pages (not online): 48%

Print Newspapers: 46%

*Social Networking Site Profiles from people you know: 43%

Print Magazines: 39%

Radio: 39%

TV: 38%

*Email from a company: 28%

Direct Mail: 25%

Message Board posts: 21%

*Online Classifieds: 20%

*Personal Blog: 18%

*Social Networking Site Profiles from a company: 18%

*Company Blog: 16%
All the starred items should have a live hyperlink to bring them to your website. This hyperlink will help gain trust and confidence of your prospective client. Do you need to re-design or design a website? Call us at 386-734-9600 or check out our website: | 386-734-9600

Call us to schedule a free consulting appointment or to find out about creating some amazing web designs for your business or charity! Do you want a better logo or a better website? Do you feel that your competition is getting more of your clients because they have a better overall brand? Do you want a marketing team that can change that? We can do it! We are your online marketing solution for mobile ready website designs, plus we have on site artists to make a custom logo for you. Proudly serving Debary, Deland, Sanford, Lake Mary, Deltona, and all of Central Florida. 

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