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Business Cards Designs for West Volusia and all of Central Florida!

We all know, you can get business cards from almost anyone…

But, when you think about ordering some more – why don’t you consider calling Bounce! – Bounce Marketing is a 501c3 charity supplying free youth workshops to at-risk teens since 2011. We give away over 1000 hours of dedicated time to young people at no cost to them – so we humbly ask for your support. 

So stop getting business card designs from just ‘anyone’ – go to ‘someone’ like Bounce!


Or maybe we should talk about beating Procrastination….

Procrastination is not reserved for only individuals. Many business leaders and actual businesses/charitable organizations also procrastinate! This is often to their detriment…

Let me share an example:

There was a charity with a large board of directors, which is made up of doctors, professors, scientists, professionals, and educators… all very intelligent folks. This non-profit wanted to do a fundraising ball for its founder (who was quite old). But, board members dragged their feet with regard to executing any fundraising strategy they initially embraced. This was followed by the key staff person being laid off due to lack of funds. The charity and its programs have been shut down permanently.

Why? The founder was too old to lead and the board got stuck in a thinking mode. They never moved into the action plan and execution mode. The available funds/resources slowly went away which caused their key staff member to resign due to diminished.

How to Stop Procrastinating?

Bring in your staff in the planning process – get their buy in. Get your board on track with weekly/monthly/quarterly updates and have your staff begin to move towards achieving small goals set by them. This will start bringing in the results desired. With small goals achieved – it makes getting the bigger goal and making the fundraising event happen.

Seven Steps to Remember about Beating Procrastination:
1. Create a timeline based action plan with clear goals and desired results
2. Have updates to everyone on progress
3. Host follow up report meetings
4. Include a call to action for the board members to be active in
5. Share photos of successes
6. Promote the event
7. Have the event

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Or better yet – stop procrastinating and come by to have your business cards designed by industry experts that care… for the community, for you, and for your brand!