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Do you have a Website to promote and showcase your products and services.? If No then We Will Make For You!!!!

Our full service design firm offers the following services and products:

1. Corporate Identity, Branding, Logo Design

2. Web Site Design, Web Site Development

3. Multimedia presentations, Trade/Slideshow Multimedia

4. Banner Ads, Brochures, Illustrations, Custom Design

5 Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC & Link Building

6. E-Commerce Solutions

If you are interested, then I can send you an affordable with our best offer.


Here are 3 reasons we feel are most important for all clients to consider:

1 We ask questions and listen to discover your specific needs, so we can develop the best cross-media plan for you. We begin each project by gaining a solid understanding of your business. This helps us create strategic solutions that clearly and consistently communicate the right messages of your unique brand identity.
2 We collaborate with our clients through every stage of the project to ensure the best results. Good design is a collaborative process of discovery.

3We are focused on the client. We have worked with large corporations and brand new start up businesses alike and our focus is always the same – to deliver high quality services that deliver results for our clients.

Plus we are a charity – so your investment is 100 percent tax deductible and it is helping local youth in our community!

From logo design and graphic design to website design and development, all of your marketing materials will deliver a compelling and consistent message to connect with your audience.

There are a lot of reasons to change your logo – and at least as many reasons not to. Some organizations change their logo just for the sake of change, because the new marketing director wants to do something to prove her value, or because a brand redesign firm persuades them that a pricy redesign is in their best interest. These are not the best-thought-out reasons for a change.

If your organization has undergone a significant change, however, or has truly outgrown its logo, then taking a look at an update or new design may be just what your company needs to strengthen its brand. Certainly a new logo makes sense if you’ve had a business acquisition or a merger, or if you’re changing your name or doing another sort of rebrand. If your organization or the marketplace has evolved significantly, an updated logo can send the message of growth and development. It also can be a good idea if your old logo just doesn’t work for you. Perhaps it’s technically problematic, making it difficult to scale to web or new media. Or maybe the logo was designed hastily or with dated-looking fonts, colors, or shapes.

When considering a change, ask yourself and your team some questions.

  1. What difference would the change make?
  2. Does the current logo reflect where the company is headed?
  3. Does the current logo work equally well across all platforms?
  4. Does the logo you have today connect with customers in the way you want?
  5. And are they the customers you want?
  6. Is your current logo industry-appropriate while at the same time differentiating you from competition?