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Did you know many search engines review your website each month?

As a business owner it is important to make improvements to your website on a regular basis. We recommend adding new content (at least 300 words), adding different pictures/ images (copyright free for commercial use),  uploading a short video on your site (take time to connect it to or ), share on social media on what your business is doing with your website link in the post (consider using these popular do follow sites: twitter or google+ ) and also take time to blog on a regular basis about your industry.

This will help build up your website’s authority which can go up and down based on these and numerous other factors.

So you are probably wondering what else you can do to increase your website overall status on online. Well, ask your business associates you are friends with to share a link with your website and vice versa.  By doing this, it show the search engines that you actively doing business and ‘play well with others’.  Avoid buying hundreds or thousands of bad links that will negatively effect your website. If it is quick, cheap, and easy – beware growing a good web presense takes time. It doesn’t happen over night and if you have someone telling you they can do it – be careful.

So how can Bounce Marketing help you?

At Bounce Marketing, we focus on these factors plus many others as well. We take the time to build a business or charity web presence the right way.  Bounce Marketing will promote your brand on social media and blogs – monthly, weekly, daily, or some other number of times as needed. We focus on using keywords in these post to build your website’s credibility.

Plus we can manage your advertising campaigns on Google and Bing as well.  We create an effective campaign based on your goals and develop a comfortable campaign budget that will be approved by you.  Also, we will handle building a custom website design and making the necessary updates to it each month.

Therefore, Bounce Marketing handles the total website for you and changes / improvements to ensure the website’s code is not damaged unintentionally. You own the rights to the web design and you can feel good about knowing it was custom made only for your company. There will be no other website similar to it made by us and concept is original (meaning we built it for you from scratch). Therefore, if you want to copyright the web design to protect your brand you can do so any time with fear of copyright infringement issues.

So why use Bounce Marketing?

We are a full service non-profit marketing agency without the typical outlandish marketing agency prices. That’s right we are a 501c3 charity since 2011!

We offer a wide variety of graphic design services, including logos, postcards, catalogs, brochures, billboard sign design, trade show displays, web content management systems, and traditional website design. You can also take advantage of the branding solutions we offer and by doing so you are re-investing into our community. Your investment goes towards our free services we supply. Take pride in knowing: underemployed and unemployed people are getting our help youth can receive our programs at no charge; and adults can begin growing or starting new ventures with us.

So look at your investment in promotional materials, corporate apparel, and more cool designs as your way to help the community. Call us at 386-734-9600 / visit us at 610 Deltona Blvd, Deltona, Florida / learn more at us

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