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Responsive Website Advertising

So you want to get more sales? Bounce Marketing Foundation can help you with that!

Many people consider getting a sale as hard thing to do… you know what they are right and wrong all at the same time.  Getting a new sale is hard because of the amount time it takes to get a new client.  You need to have a strategy to get more sales, a deal to offer to get more sales, a price point that makes sense for them and you, a contract or invoice that is well prepared, need to be advertising in the right places, and marketing in the right places too.   It takes time to do this right.  Plus you need a quality sales person to close the deal.

So where does Bounce Marketing Foundation come in to play?  Well we can help you PREPARE.

  • We will set up a full marketing plan for your business on Social Media and on your website’s Blog
  • We will craft a message that makes sense with your brand and your audience
  • We will design a branding campaign that is appropriate your brand and/or business image
  • We will place you in front of people who are interested in your product or service
  • We will develop content that is captivating and shows you are an industry expert
  • We will layout your promotional materials with fresh designs and produce the finished product too
  • We will work closely with you so you know we want you to achieve your important goals

 Okay so why choose Bounce Marketing Foundation?

  1. We are affordable based on the amount work load we get accomplished
  2. We have a front door you can visit at… 610 Deltona Blvd, Ste D in Deltona Florida
  3. We don’t have you waiting on hold when you call us
  4. We have Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Content Writers, Photographers, and Fine Artists on our team
  5. We are a charity that helps young people with work life readiness skills via our free workshops
  6. Your investment in our services is a 100% tax deductible
  7. Lastly we really care about each of our clients/donors as if they were family members
  8. We understand you want to get more sales and make more money

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and set up a free consultation to see how we can help you grow your business and get that phone ringing / get people to visit your website! Call now if you want to get more sales – 844-319-9600 or speak with our Founder Ed Pisani Jr at 407-416-1515.