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Targeting the right customer….how hard can it be?

I recommend to my friends, clients, and the like when they want to get more customers to ask yourself a few questions first.  “Ask yourself: Who buys my products? What do they need that we can provide? When are they likely to buy our products? Where do they live and/or work? Why should they buy from us instead of competitors?”

Define your target customer.

By defining your target you can start thinking like them and understanding what they want and why they want it.  You can determine their needs, their pains, and their desires too. Therefore, it is possible to begin to map out your prospective buyer’s journey every step of the way. Try to use everything you know about your customers and collect sales data as well – read it a few times then map out some of the common paths your customers take to purchasing a product or service. If they are repeat buyers, try to understand that path to purchase when they are buying from your company. This can help you learn how best to put them on the purchase path through digital marketing.

Build a mobile-responsive website.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, your ranking in search engines will be penalized or maybe much lower than your competitors. Did you know, Google doesn’t want to send users to a site that’s not quick and easy to navigate on a smartphone.  Google knows the trend is more people are going to be using smartphones and they catering to this increasing marketshare. So start by optimizing your site based on Google’s best practices. Track your page ranking and understand what it takes to rank in local searches and how to land a coveted spot in Google’s Local Map, for instance.  Hopefully this will assist you in being more informed as you execute your SEO plan.

Have a SEO Plan

Do you have a SEO Plan?  Do you know what a good SEO Plan is?  Well first think about your business plan’s marketing plan and how it applies to your SEO plan.  After your plan is set up, create content that raises awareness and helps potential customers. (Or hire us to it for you.) Quality content with a consistent message encourages people a reason to stay on your site.  Hopefully, if your content is inspiring, informative, and interesting it will give a reason to return to your site and should help increase your organic rank over time. Remember helpful ‘how-to’ videos, infomercial style videos, or other instructive, interactive content will help you build a trusting relationship with potential customers.

It will take alot of time (maybe months even a few years) to improve your organic rank online but when it is ranking in the top spot you will know the efforts and goals of the SEO Plan. So don’t be afraid to invest time in link building and raising the “authority” of your website.

Backlinks make a difference too

When other websites link to yours, it signals to search engines that you’re an authority on related topics. We in the web industry call this ‘back linking’. Backlinks are important but they need to be a quality link. Having your business featured on a news outlet, submitting a guest blog entry or being linked to by a reputable organization like your local chamber of commerce are all examples of effective link-building for SEO. Avoid buying lots of links from linking building companies, it is bad for many reasons. One is the site may not be something you actually want to be connected with or you could be blacklisted by some of the major search engines.

Okay so I think I went on long enough – so why do you call me to schedule an appointment to begin talking about how we can help you get more of the right customers out there.  Call us at 844-319-9600 or visit our services page now


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