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Reputation and Reliability

Print is tangible and holds a power over people that digital can’t replicate. It’s been around since before digital was even conceptualized, and it has been delivering reliable information to audiences since it was created. Take Time magazine, for example — the average person would trust an article they published over one of the many less-credible digital sources. While online publications often produce content that gets debated or disproven, print remains a stable, trustworthy resource for people to get the information they want. It is an opportunity you can’t miss.

Stay Off This Bandwagon

Because of the fact that so many businesses have all but left the print game, a customer receiving an actual parcel in the mail is noteworthy due to the rarity of the occurrence. With everyone clamoring to announce the death of print, and multitudes of newspapers and magazines closing their doors, there exists now a power vacuum into which an authority like your company can step. The key is precision targeting by engaging a niche audience, and using what you know about your audience to your advantage.

The likely reason our society has not translated virtually all of our books and advertisements to the digital world is that, ultimately, print advertising effectiveness is still real and demonstrable. The intangibility of articles hovering in cyberspace leaves something to be desired in customers. Yes, internet marketing has its advantages, especially because of easy national and international distribution potential. However, consider print media the underdog in an exciting matchup. With everybody betting on digital because they “got a hot tip” that print is washed up, leveraging the medium and making revenue from your efforts is within reach of your brand.

As multitudes of advertisers maintain their focus on digital, you can stand apart from your competitors by utilizing the medium that is getting left behind. There’s a print publication for every type of audience, and yes, people are still reading them — especially loyal readers. You can tap into a market you’re missing out on, and make a lasting impression that differs from your digital messages. Print advertising effectiveness boils down to your ability to develop a strategy that appeals to the publication’s niche audience, no matter if we’re in a digital era or not. Market pessimism may be holding you back, but the truth is that print still leads to ROI that will add to your bottom line — and you don’t want to miss that opportunity. | 844-319-9600 |

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