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Bounce! is one of the best web design studios in Volusia County
*free workshops are made possible by our design studio services

Our great team brings to the Bounce Marketing family a wide variety of skills:

Bounce Marketing was established in 2011 by our founder Edward Pisani Jr., after a successful career with in the charity world decided to move forward with the desire to build a better community by addressing some of it's unmet needs.

He wanted to help the unprivileged, the youth, the upcoming leaders, and especially the new, growing, or struggling organizations - to assist them all to reach their full potential. This is why Bounce Marketing integrates FREE consulting services and workshops to help these target groups.

Bounce Marketing understands that these target groups need various types of help from: traditional professional guidance to skills based workshops and at times non-traditional support. Bounce Marketing helps the efforts of many by addressing their needs - no matter how big or how small. Our founder clearly saw a growing number of people starting over during a tough economy. It was that cause that cemented his effective vision, which eventually led him to establishing what is today called Bounce Marketing Inc or nicknamed by many as Bounce!

Our organization take advantage of printing affordable designs...as a unique way to offset of overhead costs and attracting individuals needing help in a non-traditional way.  Again, this element is only one of our strong fundraising options inside our non-profit organization. We also accept donations, grants, and in-kind gifts to offset the costs of our free charitable services.  

About Bounce Marketing Inc.

"I have worked with Ed Pisani now close to a year on multiple projects thru out the community. Not only have I seen the incredible different type of print work that he can do but the quality of effort that is put behind the work for his clients.

His efforts go much further than just doing printing, take the time to ask him how he can better serve you and your company. Ed Pisani is a great go to guy. highly recommended."

Eddie Smith

Bank Vice President

“Your presentation on Saturday Morning was excellent! You showed me where I have been losing funds and potential grantors. I look forward to doing business with Bounce Marketing Inc. Thank you for the information you shared with us on Saturday - I will utilize all the info you gave to us, have a great day!”

Sincerely, Ineta J. White- Founder/ Director

Abraham Daughters House of Refuge & Food Pantry, Inc.

Bounce's 5 Year Strategic Plan 

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Ed Pisani Jr, Our Founder & Our Board

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