2013-2018 Strategic Plan

Bounce Marketing, Inc.'s mission is to provide educational workshops, leadership development consultations, and community outreach programs that enhance and improve our community. We collaborate with community leaders and other nonprofit groups to provide resources that increase and enhance organizations capability to improve the quality of life in the local communities.

Develop Bounce's role and image as the community's

expert resource for community development

Goal 1: Develop relationships with central Florida non-profit professionals

Goal 2: Develop relationships with central Florida small business entrepreneurs

Goal 3: Develop maintain and grow relationships with non-profit agencies / local businesses

Goal 4: Increase Bounce Marketing’s community presence

Goal 5: Create awareness of the signature programs offered by Bounce

Goal 6: Develop relationships with area media representatives


Initiate strategies that will result in increased giving

and increased community impact

Goal 1: Establish a Professional Network to inspire connections and focus projects that positively affect community development

Goal 2: Provide professional certifications to increase skills for individuals in the community

Goal 3: Participate in offering top quality design services to assist donors in getting noticed

Goal 4: Increase the size and community awareness of the endowment fund


Build a sustainable community programs with a special focus

on the ‘Bounce Ahead’ Youth Program

Goal 1: Develop operations and systems to foster growth and increase its impact

Goal 2: Develop donor awareness for this program

Goal 3: Develop and strengthen marketing strategies

Goal 4: Engage with other community organizations leaders and stay up on best practices

Goal 5: Ensure a safe and controlled learning atmosphere for youth

Goal 6: Develop a Recruitment/Retention Plan for existing programs

Increase social, cultural, and economic vitality in the community

Goal 1:  Increase opportunities for participation in community activities

Goal 2:  Increase opportunities for residents of all ages to participate in the arts.

Goal 3:  Support the increase of educational and cultural venues.

Goal 4:  Support initiatives that protect and improve our quality of life

Goal 5:  Encourage partnering among clubs and organizations to optimize resources.