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Building the perfect business relationship with potential client doesn’t come with a book of instructions.  If it did, the task would be much easier… (Yet a lot of gurus say they know how to build a relationship with clients and have written books about the subject.) But the reality is every client relationship is different.

Just when you think you survived the startup phase with your new venture, you learn the easy part is over and now the growth years are on the way. Facing the growth years within your venture is not something you need to be afraid of, it simply means there is a lot of work ahead of you. This blog post will help you take the experience one day at a time and learn how to bridge the communication gap.

The Message

As your sales team goes from new to veteran, sometimes what you ‘say’ gets lost in translation.  They can give you that blank stare or worse yet they misunderstand how to sell the product or service correctly which costs you time and money.  But with regular trainings on products, services, and selling techniques you can overcome this hurdle.

The Bridge

It’s not easy to keep the communication bridges open with a client because they too are trying to grow and make the choices that will have a vital impact on their future. They are becoming capable of spending larger amounts of money, having less and less time available to meet with you, and have their own difficulties they need you to help address.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1.       Watch your body language.

How you move says a lot about you.  When a person is tired, they tend to slump.  When angered, your jaw muscles tighten and your eyes narrow into slits.  Believe it or you’re your clients are good at interpreting body language.  Yours will betray you when you are talking to them.  Keep it open and honest.  Avoid sitting with your arms crossed, eyes looking away from them or squirming in your seat.

2.       Make eye contact.

When you don’t look at the person - you are non-verbally showing that you are either hiding something or you are not at all interested in what they have to say.  Your client will shut down emotionally when they suspect that you are not “tuned in” to them or worse yet end the meeting early.  Sit comfortably and give your client undivided attention with consistent eye contact.  It lets them know that you care.

3.       Keep your emotions in check.

Remember back to when you were in high school?  Some of the things you said to your parents were aimed at freaking them out.  Clients will push your buttons if they can - don’t go overboard and get upset.  Their target is opening lines of communication for sharing their concerns or disinterest, sometimes they know it may make you mad.  Instead, take a deep breath, listen closely, repeat what you hear back, and ignore the taunt.  Do the opposite of what they expect because really, they want you to see through their ploy and find out the real problem.

4.       Ask them about their day.

This technique works with spouses also.  Even if your client only grunts or says the obligatory, “It was okay,” ask anyway.  This shows you care. How many sales people really ask that question anyways? (Your show of caring will go a long way to convince them that you are interested in the things that they do and how they feel.)

5.       Be honest with them.

If you don’t understand or have an issue about something then say so.  Clients like your kids know when you are being insincere.  Discuss everything honestly and openly, say ‘I don’t know’ if you don’t know, but provide follow up when you find out the answer. Sometimes situational selling works when your client will explain an idea of where they are coming from.  Your client won’t mind explaining as long as they know you are listening. This way they know you really want them to be successful.

6.       Allow them their privacy.

This one is tricky and since you want to know your client better than anyone else, you need to draw the line.  Clients value their time alone to think about the proposal.  Take a ‘break’ for a coffee and come back to answer questions later. Sometimes, planning a follow up meeting works well too. Never adopt the policy of the hard sale because it could burn the bridge and end the relationship with that client.  Remember, they need to hear your message but you need to listen their desires.  Also, in their office may be that there are no locks on the doors, always show respect by knocking before entering.  If they don’t want to be pressed about placing an order at the moment, wait until they are ready (if it’s not urgent for their timeline) and then make the close.

Being a sales person or a manager of a sales team takes a tough skin, a willingness to be vulnerable and lots of passion for what you do.  You will make mistakes but whatever you do, don’t stop talking ever to your client or training your sales team.




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