Bounce Marketing helps people grow!

Our no-cost consulting time involves scheduling a confidential appointment with you and/or your team. We will advise on a wide range of issues of your choice plus inspire you and your team if needed. Feel good about knowing you will have the access to our expertise when you need it, while managing your projects / programs and receiving suggestions when needed.

We want to help you with your overall needs and help you meet your goals. Your organization can be secure knowing you will always have a professional by your side.

Should you bring in an expert or just try to ‘wing it'?

Increasing the adjusted net income, expanding your client/donor base, building up referrals/volunteer involvement, and securing larger accounts/donations are just a few of the advantages to having Bounce Marketing. You can benefit from having us in your corner and we can help you every step of the way. Whether you are looking to achieve greater overall results or to solving your unique challenges, we can explore with you creative solutions to help you meet your needs by using proven and effective techniques.

Our vision is to create greater effectiveness only possible with focus on your mission, vision, and your values by innovative leadership willing implement new strategic suitable plans we will assist you creating.

Our organization is capable to work with a broad range of

clients: from start ups to those that already have a rich

history in the community. We pride ourselves on being

willing to work with prospective clients with diverse

backgrounds We can provide comprehensive consulting

services for any size non-profit organization, new leader,

new business venture, community organization, church,

educational organization, fraternity and/or sorority,

youth organization, outreach ministry, and our services

are provided locally.

We also understand that each client is unique with their

own story and their own possibilities and challenges. We

offer personalized and custom consulting services.

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Consulting by bounce!

Our Philosophy:

We constantly reinforce in all daily decisions we make use the following reference points:

Number 1 –

What is best for 'you' the client?

Number 2 –

What is best for the community?

Number 3 –

What is best for our organization?

We believe that if we start and end each day with this in mind, the desired outcomes will

always fall into place.