We are a full service non-profit marketing agency for Central Florida without the typical outlandish marketing agency prices. We offer a wide variety of graphic design services, including logos, postcards, catalogs, brochures, billboard sign design, trade show displays, web content management systems, mobile websites, e-commerce websites, social media marketing, social media brand management (on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and many more popular sites.), SEO updates, Website Updates, IT Support, Online Business Listings, and traditional website design for the surrounding communities.

You can also take advantage of the branding solutions we offer and by doing so you are re-investing into our community. Your investment goes towards our free services we supply. Take pride in knowing: underemployed and unemployed people are getting our help - youth can receive our programs at no charge; and adults can begin growing or starting new ventures with us.

So look at your investment in promotional materials, corporate apparel, and more cool designs as your way to help the community and around the surrounding areas.

Thank you for learning about us for your marketing needs!

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Email is a great communications tool. Here are some simple tips to promote effective use of email and potentially save your job.


1. Never respond to an email in an angry/upset state.  Take a break. Walk away then come back later and address it.

2. Keep emails brief as a norm. There are always exceptions but people's time is precious. And often they are reading emails on tiny phone screens.

3. Check the spam folder for important emails. Occasionally they might be sent to that folder.

4. Use a professional internet domain for your email. Sending business email from a from Yahoo! or gmail address does not project a professional image.

5. Proof read your emails before pressing send. This should be easy if you follow tip # 2.

6. Email is not instant messaging. If something is really pressing pick up the phone, walk over, or send an instant message if your organization uses one of these services.

7. Don't make a career out of continuously answering email. Email is a tool to help you do your job, answering email should not be your job (unless that is specifically your job, like in customer service). Check your email two or three times a day. Lastly, Draft emails without the recipients address in the To: field. This prevents accidental sending of the email.


Great advice for our every changing business world! - Visit bouncemarketing.org to learn more about us.



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