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Index Your Website…no seriuosly it is something that we doWe take pride in offering our Deltona, Florida customers a “One Stop” shopping solution for all their corporate needs.  Plus we help build marketing and public awareness online and on print media…. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR COMPETITIVE PRICING in Deltona and Central Florida!

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So let’s get your business noticed in Deltona!!

Keeping it all in perspective from design & also site index can be a critical to your search ranking

A quality design is the fundamental element for the rest of the website, and your overall web presence. Unlike much of traditional design though, website design is more than appearances, it is the planning that goes into everything that goes into the site, including the code structure, interactivity, the desired functionality, search engine or social media goals, site optimizations, call-to-actions, lead generation, and even down to the hierarchy of pages. All these things need to work together, in all aspects of your website to create the best results. To best achieve these goals, we must first communicate the desires and expectations from the website. From here we can design the site that can truly fulfill your business needs.

Because getting the best results from your marketing materials is a highly skilled job.

Let’s face it; using a poorly design website will help lose a potential customer faster than it takes to get a new customer in Deltona.

The appearance, feel, and impression you give off is very important. I build with your current branding standards in mind, making sure to hold to any restrictions you have set. Or perhaps you have no current branding limitations, and are open to any design, or even the possibility of creating a new standard for your brand. This design of your brand will be held across the entire site, as well as any designed items that are not specifically on the site. This includes social media, emails, or any other relevant items that you may have.

Your brand is important in allowing your visitors to instantly recognize your site and related items. Doing so helps to build more brand awareness, and keep it as a memorable item in their mind. Just because you have a brand though, doesn’t mean that the boundaries can’t be pushed to create something new and fresh, in fact, pushing those limits will keep it from being “more of the same” and continue to hold interest by users.

Maybe you fall into the select few who literally have no branding at all. If so, we can discuss the possibility of designing you logo, stationary, business cards, and helping to develop your branding. From here we can then take these items and delve into the process of designing your website to match as well. Contact us now at 844-319-9600 to discuss these options further.

Designing materials that are engaging to your customers is our goal.

There is so much more to a website’s design then just the way it looks, and users will likewise judge a website on all those things as well, which is why we must focus on the user’s experience. While the visuals are important, the bigger picture that needs to be addressed is how the site is being used. This includes everything from the navigational structure, layout of linkable areas, how call-to-actions are placed, to the pacing of content on a page. The end goal is to create a pleasant and intuitive experience that is easy to understand as well as being fun to use.

Interactivity on your web design is important

While animated regions can easily be done very poorly, and be more of a gimmick than an actual asset to a site, truth is that there are many beneficial and legitimate reasons to use them. In animated banners the main benefit is that of creating a beautiful landing page, while highlighting multiple key pieces of content that best pertain to what you desire your users to know. This is an excellent area to create a few call-to-actions driving users to take advantage of everything your site has to offer. There are a ton of interactive possibilities, but another common usage is creating galleries which can be slid through, or controlled by category.

More and More Websites are… Mobile and Responsive – Deltona Website Development by the Bounce Marketing Foundation

Mobile websites are great solution to having varying devices that access your website. By creating a new website specifically designs for mobile devices, it allows us to create a better experience for the user. Helping them find what they really want while on-the-go can turn them into a lead, instead of losing them due to an non-optimal experience. When developing mobile websites, it is important to keep focus on the user’s goals, and doing so it is usually best to remove the extra features, and narrow down the content to it’s core parts.

In that past few years a new trend of responsive websites has really started to take off, and is now a part of my standard website building. This solves mobile/tablet/browser size concerns by dynamically resizing the website layout on the fly based on the available with. This method also is beneficial by only having one website which needs to be updated and managed, and will not confuse the user as it does not have two separate URLs for the desktop and mobile version. If you have any questions on how responsive can help you reach more visitors, contact me at 386-734-9600 to discuss these options further!

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Deltona Website Indexing in the Same Day!

Deltona Web Design in the Same Day!

Deltona Web Development in the Same Day!

Deltona Website Development by the Bounce Marketing Foundation

We are a full service non-profit marketing agency for Deltona, Florida without the typical outlandish marketing agency prices. We offer a wide variety of graphic design services, including logos, postcards, catalogs, brochures, billboard sign design, trade show displays, web content management systems, mobile websites, e-commerce websites, social media marketing, social media brand management (on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and many more popular sites.), SEO updates, Website Updates, Online Business Listings, and traditional website design for Deltona and the surrounding communities.

You can also take advantage of the branding solutions we offer and by doing so you are re-investing into our community including Deltona. Your investment goes towards our free services we supply. Take pride in knowing: underemployed and unemployed people are getting our help – youth can receive our programs at no charge; and adults can begin growing or starting new ventures with us.

So look at your investment in promotional materials, corporate apparel, and more cool designs as your way to help the community in Deltona and around the surrounding areas.

Thank you for learning about us for your marketing needs! Call 844-319-9600 to schedule an immediate appointment. Visit us at: 610 Deltona Blvd., Suite D  – Deltona, Florida 32725  – Conveniently Located off Interstate 4 (i4 / i-4) / Exit 108

Deltona Website Development by the Bounce Marketing Foundation

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization(SEO) is comprised of many smaller modifications that help to make a site more respected by search engines for their content, and therefore they appear higher in search results. By doing so, this creates a higher flow of visitors to the site, one with interest in your content, which will result in it becoming a possible lead for your services/products. SEO is important because it allows a website to be found. If there are no optimizations done and the site is hard to find, it can easily be overlooked, or buried under other sites, even when your site is sincerely offering better content, design, and overall quality. So, it is my desire to not only create an incredibly useful site, but to make sure that it is actually used for what it was designed.

We can help you – Get Found – Deltona Website Development by the Bounce Marketing Foundation

Having a good SEO structure will get you found on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is beneficial in making sure that your site gets traffic to it, with the aims of turning those visitors into leads or sales.

We can help your ongoing Site Optimizations

To achieve a reputable standing with the major search engines, there are a number of optimizations which improve both search engines’ view of your site, and improve the usability for users in multiple ways. Some of the items that I fix, create, or optimize are the XML sitemap, titles, descriptions, alt tags, h1s, h2s, robots.txt file, page redirects, schema setup, social media integration, Google Plus Authorship and Publisher, page speed testing, duplicate content, 404 errors, site caching, image optimization, indexing your website along with other miscellaneous items. While much of this can be avoided, or taken care of during the initial build of the website, some items may come into existence later on, or actually exist due to other, non-expected issues that can be seen using features from Google Webmaster Tools.

Customer ask us all the time is… Is Social Media Useful? – Deltona Website Development by the Bounce Marketing Foundation

Yes. In fact, there are many sites with aggressive social media efforts who as a result see one-third to a half of their traffic actually coming from social media platforms. Even if it’s not a huge traffic source, we know that search engines have recognized the usefulness of social mediums, and for each social signal will actually help to make your site grow in significance. I recommend the usage of Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and if wanting more involvement, even Twitter ,YouTube, Pinterest and Reddit. Google+ has become a great beneficial source, as it also integrates with Google Places, YouTube, and other items as well. Using it we can also integrate Google Authorship and Publisher which allows you to take credit for the content on your website, linking to your account, while also having the chance of your icon showing up in search results.