Bounce Marketing helps people grow!

Here's a quick overview about our Bounce Internship Program

The Bounce Internship Program is designed to help individuals looking to start a new career, change a career path, or simply looking for help to get a job. We are proud to offer a One of a Kind Work Experience Internship program.  We teach interested individuals about the exciting graphic design industry, what it takes to manage an office, learning sales / marketing, and handling real world customer service techniques.  


Why should you jump into the graphic design industry with Bounce Internship Program?

Our internship program allows individuals interested in a professional graphic design career the experience that you can’t learn in class rooms. You'll work one on one with real customers. You'll have the opportunity to watch graphic design sales from start to finish. From customer inquiry, to design and revisions all the way to the production stage.

The Bounce Internship Program is a 30-60-90 day program that covers the following:

The Bounce Internship Program is a great way for college, high school or trade school students to get hands on experience of the industry. Design and computer skill are very important. Therefore, our internship program will give you the professional skills you need to understand the design process.

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