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West Volusia Websites – we are experts in our region of Florida and further we have the professionals on the team from Bounce Marketing Foundation!   Here at our office we get asked “What SEO is Not?”

First please understand that SEO is visibility online and the more visibility your company website has online, the more new clients and revenues your company stands to make.   So what SEO is Not?  SEO is not cheap. SEO is not easy. SEO is not fast. SEO is not magic.  Be prepared to invest money or a lot of your time to get results from SEO. SEO is not a one-time thing you pay for and it is only effective if it is ongoing and always adapting to your industry and the search engines as well. Here are things to consider before you start doing SEO yourself or having a company do it for you.

know your business |  know your customers | know the best way to connect with them online.


If you hire a company to do it or you are doing it yourself, SEO will always be a work-in-progress that’s how you know it’s being done correctly. Remember that search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that needs constantly improvement based upon… search engine technology, search engines requirements, customer preferences, industry standards, and how you evolve your business model.



Website Design can be harder than it looks…

Alot people start a new business with the best of intentions not knowing that alot things inside of the business is very specialized. Having specialists is important to get things done correctly.  Most business gurus recommend setting up a team of professionals for your new business.  This team needs to include an accountant, an attorney, an insurance agent, a banker, and of course a marketer.  Each member of the team needs to be skilled to ensure you business grows while you are doing projects for customers.

Marketing is a big key to the business success puzzle.  A quality marketing team will create your brand image online and in print as well.  They will setup your online presence and work hard to improve it over time.  Having a website is the cornerstone of your business online – it is the way people can find you and learn about what you or what you offer.  Remember your website is up and running 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 52 year a year… so it is your digital store and you need it to grow your brand.  Hopefully, the Bounce Marketing Foundation can be able to take over the marketing because we are your premier West Volusia Websites Designers  to help you grow your business – so call us for a free website consultation today – 844-319-9600