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Why use Targeted Networking Strategies?


In any growing business, it is critical to spend every dollar wisely. Many business people don't understand network marketing and quickly get disappointed with the results (or lack there of). They view time, money to be invested, sometimes low self confidence, little ROI, and various other factors as reasons not to network.


Mainly, the challenge to overcome is not having a networking strategy.


Just going to any networking meeting available is not a strategy by the way. Further, most small business people do just that - they go to the first networking group and join! They feel great because they got some 'networking done' without considering was that the right group for their business. What would be a better use of their time initially is defining and planning a 'Targeted Networking Strategy'.


So - what is it?


A Targeted Networking Strategy is communications with specific messages to targeted recipients, making the business's message more relevant and helping a business person communicate more effectively in a networking group (or at an event). That's the easy answer, but there is more factors to consider.


1 - Money = Does the networking event supply your business with people that can afford to buy your product or service? Most business owners believe every networking group has their prospective buyers available and investing in that networking group is money well spent. But if the product or service is a high ticket value and the attendees are not qualified to buy. Why be there? It is better not to assume but to research the group to ensure your target audience is actually there.


2 - Time = Does the networking event produce sales over the long term? Again, many small business owners only want the fast sale to help pay the bills now and don't consider entrenching themselves for bigger sales once strong relationships are established. These sales may come from referrals or the prospective buyer understanding your business is involved for the long haul.


3 - Visibility = Does the networking event give you the chance to deliver your message briefly during each meeting? Many small business people are happy to be present at a meeting because they are the face of their business but miss the fact that they are representing themselves until people know they are representing a business as well. Consider this for a second: it is great to attend an event, but if a buyer is on the other side of the room and doesn't know your business is there. Why be there? Or, if your right next to a buyer that doesn't know what you business is fully capable of doing because you don't get a chance to speak. Why be there?


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