What does SEM stand for?

SEM—or search engine marketing—is a way to advertise to web users looking for businesses like yours. Buying keywords that are relevant to your business allows you to control your budget and target your advertising to your most likely customers.

Here are some things to know before launching an SEM campaign:

  1. Have a budget:Every small business owner should know what they can afford to pay for a conversion and still make a profit.
  2. ROI: It’s all about return on investment. If you know you can afford to spend $20 per lead to make a sale of $50, you’re in great shape—keep spending.
  3. First month blues: If you’re new to SEM, you’ll probably spend more the first month because you’re testing what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Highs and lows. SEM is industry-dependent. Some keywords cost pennies per click, while other businesses may spend $50 to $100 for each click.
  5. Start small. Test the waters with a $500 monthly budget.
  6. Make a move. Scale your budget up or down anytime, so if something’s working, scale up.

Ed Pisani Jr. with Bounce Marketing Inc., is an Orlando based pay-per-click marketing professional, he believes every business can benefit from an SEM campaign. “You get to put your ads in front of only people who are actively searching for exactly what you sell,” he said. “And you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. The daily impressions of your ad is good brand building as well – sometimes impressions from an ad can be in the tens of thousands weekly or monthly based on a client’s budget.”

Call us at bouncemarketing.org | 386-734-9600 or visit our offices at 610 Deltona Blvd., Ste D., Deltona, Florida to meet Ed Pisani Jr and learn more about getting your business noticed.

Marketing is not a fly-by-night, one-time event.

Marketing is not a fly-by-night, one-time event.

Small-business owners are experts in the businesses they own or partner in. Most times, they are not necessarily professional marketers. A professional marketer generally has 5 to 10 years experience in the industry and went to college for a degree in business marketing or some variation of it. Most professional marketers have a specialization like: art design, web design, branding, advertising, sales marketing, and so on.

New business owners wanting to build their brand overnight plus those veteran business people wanting a quick fix to a cash-flow issues, often believe that throwing money at marketing it the answer to all their fears and concerns. They generally come to me looking for two things: an increase sales and high paying work immediately. Neither of these happen quickly unfortunately due to website authority, web ranking, the age of the brand, lack of brand knowledge in the area, and other important factors. Business owners need to understand marketing is like fishing, just like making a cold sales call. Sometimes, you run into someone interested ‘now’ and other times it may not be the case. A successful marketing campaign takes planning, industry knowledge, knowledge of the area, of course following the pre-determined plan, plenty of time to grow the brand or product image in the community, and a little luck doesn’t hurt either.

No matter if you’re looking at SEM, social media marketing, direct mail, EDDM, promotional materials, or any of the many other types of marketing—none of them work overnight. And if someone promises you they will, run. Don’t waste money paying someone who tells you they’ll give you the world, when, in fact, they cannot.
1. Marketing is not a fly-by-night, one-time event. Your strategy should be ongoing and consistent, not launched in a panicked fury when things aren’t looking good. If you begin to panic or feel nervous – so marketing right away – don’t wait for when you are fully in crisis mode or looking for the quick fix for your cash flow shortfall.
2. It should be targeted. Who is your audience? When does your audience want or need your product or service? Where is your audience located? How much is your preferred target market household income or business gross income? If you don’t know, find out and gear your marketing toward them. Otherwise, you’re throwing good marketing money down the drain. Not everyone is your type of customer and not every targeted customer is the same, so having different pre-determined brand messages might work for your business.

Regardless of what marketing route you take, do your market research, review your business plan and update it regularly with the most up to date demographic information. Plus, find out who your audience is and make a plan, if you don’t have a written one. Once you have those things in order—along with the understanding that marketing is a slow build—you’ll be in good shape. Call us at bouncemarketing.org | 386-734-9600 or visit our offices at 610 Deltona Blvd., Ste D., Deltona, Florida.

Do you want your business to make more money in 2016?

Do you want your business to make more money in 2016? Of course you do! Well now is the time to make that a reality. We’ve put together 10 simple ideas that can make your business more profitable this year.

  1. Stand Out This Year with a New Logo – Design with Bounce Marketing Inc
  2. Excite Customers with a Fresh Homepage  – Website Design with Bounce Marketing
  3. Convert +48% More by Being Mobile Friendly – Mobile Web Designs with  Bounce Marketing in Central Florida
  4. Convince Customers with Stellar Copywriting – Content Creation with Bounce Marketing for Metro Orlando
  5. Beat Your Competition with Better Design – Creative Artist and Marketing Strategists at Bounce Marketing for Orlando
  6. Sell 24/7/365 with a Beautiful Online Store – Ecommerce Web Designers at Bounce Marketing in Central Florida
  7. Engage Your Community with Exciting Articles – Article Based Marketing and PR with Bounce Marketing in Deltona, Florida
  8. Rank on Page 1 of Google and Be Found – Always a fan favorite with Marketing Clients
  9. Reach New Markets by Translating Your Website – SEO experts at Bounce Marketing
  10. Automate and Fix Tough Problems with Software – Various software knowledge available from our Bounce Marketing Team in Central Florida

Learn more at bouncemarketing.org | 386-734-9600 to possibly have your business to make more money in 2016

Bounce Marketing knows alot about LOGOS!

Your logo is often the first impression that someone has of your company. However, it’s more than just an introduction—logos tell a story about a company.

Not only does the font need to be legible, it also has to align with the business brand, the color choices, and the design image. Because a logo’s font choice impacts what kind of story is told, having a basic knowledge of digital typography is greatly beneficial to anyone designing a logo.

Typography is essentially the art of designing and placing type–digital typography is just taking this art form into the digital realm. Before embarking on the difficult task of choosing the right font for your logo, get yourself familiar with these 6 basic digital typography tips:


The term typeface is used to describe the creative, abstract design itself while a font is the actual physical representation of the design. In other words, someone designed the Helvetica typeface and we can use the Helvetica font on our computers.

When it comes to the sophisticated world of typography, some people are purists, while others have a laid-back, do-whatever-looks-good mentality. No matter what side you’re on, it’s important to learn the language of design, especially type — this applies to all designers, curious commoners and even some developers, so buckle up! You’re about to learn something…

Here’s a bit of information that I never knew until two days ago while working with Typecache for our list of 30 alternatives to Helvetica:

“Font” and “typeface” are not interchangeable.

“Typeface” should be used when referring to the design, while “font” should be used when referring to the file, copy or file-type. For example, there is only one Times New Roman typeface designed by Victor Lardent, but nearly everyone with a computer has a copy of that font. A font is what you actually use.
Check out this great resource on typographic terms you should now. (https://designschool.canva.com/blog/typography-terms/)


Just because fonts like Times New Roman and Arial are old standards, this doesn’t mean they aren’t appropriate choices for your logo. They’re legible, clear, and when used well, they don’t come off as dull or uninspired. After all, these fonts are defaults for a reason.


More than two fonts makes the logo look messy and thrown together. Two fonts, however, provides a nice contrast. Consider using one font for your business name and another for the slogan.


The contrast between a serif and sans serif font makes a design look fresh and exciting. By the way, a serif font has small “feet” or little decorative additions on the ends of the character strokes. Sans serif fonts do not have these additions. Times New Roman is a serif font while Arial is sans serif.


Kerning is the adjustment of spacing between letters to increase readability and improve overall appearances. If you want to delve further into the art of digital typography, learn kerning tips and tricks here.


Make sure that you choose a design with a personality that accurately matches up with your brand and mission. For example, Times New Roman has a straightforward, business-like character. It’s an apt choice for, say, an insurance company. If an insurance company’s logo used Comic Sans, which has a more playful and unprofessional personality, this would be a confusing and altogether ineffective message.

Once you’ve thought about your logo’s font choice, check out our home page  – bouncemarketing.org to quickly find our offices (610 Deltona Blvd, Ste D Exit 108 off Interstate 4). We are glad to help you pick the best logo colors, create custom artwork, and fonts too!

Regular Website updates and blogging makes a difference!

Did you know many search engines review your website each month?

As a business owner it is important to make improvements to your website on a regular basis. We recommend adding new content (at least 300 words), adding different pictures/ images (copyright free for commercial use),  uploading a short video on your site (take time to connect it to youtube.com or vimeo.com ), share on social media on what your business is doing with your website link in the post (consider using these popular do follow sites: twitter or google+ ) and also take time to blog on a regular basis about your industry.

This will help build up your website’s authority which can go up and down based on these and numerous other factors.

So you are probably wondering what else you can do to increase your website overall status on online. Well, ask your business associates you are friends with to share a link with your website and vice versa.  By doing this, it show the search engines that you actively doing business and ‘play well with others’.  Avoid buying hundreds or thousands of bad links that will negatively effect your website. If it is quick, cheap, and easy – beware growing a good web presense takes time. It doesn’t happen over night and if you have someone telling you they can do it – be careful.

So how can Bounce Marketing help you?

At Bounce Marketing, we focus on these factors plus many others as well. We take the time to build a business or charity web presence the right way.  Bounce Marketing will promote your brand on social media and blogs – monthly, weekly, daily, or some other number of times as needed. We focus on using keywords in these post to build your website’s credibility.

Plus we can manage your advertising campaigns on Google and Bing as well.  We create an effective campaign based on your goals and develop a comfortable campaign budget that will be approved by you.  Also, we will handle building a custom website design and making the necessary updates to it each month.

Therefore, Bounce Marketing handles the total website for you and changes / improvements to ensure the website’s code is not damaged unintentionally. You own the rights to the web design and you can feel good about knowing it was custom made only for your company. There will be no other website similar to it made by us and concept is original (meaning we built it for you from scratch). Therefore, if you want to copyright the web design to protect your brand you can do so any time with fear of copyright infringement issues.

So why use Bounce Marketing?

We are a full service non-profit marketing agency without the typical outlandish marketing agency prices. That’s right we are a 501c3 charity since 2011!

We offer a wide variety of graphic design services, including logos, postcards, catalogs, brochures, billboard sign design, trade show displays, web content management systems, and traditional website design. You can also take advantage of the branding solutions we offer and by doing so you are re-investing into our community. Your investment goes towards our free services we supply. Take pride in knowing: underemployed and unemployed people are getting our help youth can receive our programs at no charge; and adults can begin growing or starting new ventures with us.

So look at your investment in promotional materials, corporate apparel, and more cool designs as your way to help the community. Call us at 386-734-9600 / visit us at 610 Deltona Blvd, Deltona, Florida / learn more at us bouncemarketing.org

Creative Designs


Hi we are Bounce Marketing and we represent quality web solutions for small
business owners, large companies, and charities too.

We are a provider of full fledged spectrum of Creative Design,Web Development
and Online Marketing Services. We have successfully delivered hundreds
projects for clients across the Florida.

Did you know our services include:
1) Branding and Creative Design
2) Web Design and Development
3) eCommerce
4) Logo Design
5) Internet Marketing
6) Blogging
7) Full Color Printed Banners
8) Custom Designed Business Cards
9) Car Magnets / Vehicle Lettering / Custom Made Car Wraps
10) Marketing Plans

Feel free to catch me on Facebook for a fast and effective communication

If you have any questions or concerns do let us know.

Learn more at: BounceMarketing.org

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is all about relationships and conversations. Content is at the core of every single mention, share and human interaction online or offline.

You need content that inspires, serves, delights and entertains your ideal customer.

We help you strategic planning, develop and execute content marketing programs that share your story, earn trust, establish thought leadership, engage your audience, and ignite fans into loyal brand builders.

Snapshot of our content marketing services

Content marketing audits and written strategic plans
Content editorial calendar development
Visual content marketing
Persona development
Topic and theme development
Content goals & objectives
Content integration
Content amplification
Competitor research
Development of a content message
Co-created content development with key industry thought leaders and influencers
Social media content (for social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, among other places around the web)
Content development for marketing materials, event hand outs, business cards, Promotional Materials and displays
Website content
Blog and article writing
Video marketing scripts
Press releases

So are you ready for… real business results?

Contact us today and let’s get your digital and social business dreams to fruition! We love a challenge and work with brands of all sizes and have proven results in numerous industries including technology, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, health and wellness, green / eco, data storage, franchise marketing, employee advocacy, corporate b2b, b2c, data storage, multi-channel retail, enterprise software, hardware and more.


Your website and blog is the digital home base for your business. Never put the livelihood of your business onto a social network that you don’t understand. You must have a place your social community can come home to if you ever want to ignite them into loyal brand followers or paying customers.

Don’t fall for the broken promises of the agencies and consultants who say they can throw you together the cheapest website in a couple weeks. You get what you pay for.

Use the good guys at Bounce Marketing for website designs, social media marketing, blogging, and more because we care about your success! Learn more at bouncemarketing.org

Why use a SEO Web Designed Website by Bounce Marketing in Central Florida

Looking to build a new website? In need of a website re-design? We offer web designs that get found in search engines and that look good, too.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Web Design

A search engine optimized website is a website that ranks in the search engines.

  • How do some Central Florida small business websites seem to show up everywhere online while others don’t? By using a SEO Web Designed Website created bybouncemarketing.org
  • How can we get your Central Florida business showing up wherever your customers are? By using a SEO Web Designed Website created by bouncemarketing.org

Get Found Online . . .

A website that has been optimized for search engines employs specific techniques to make sure it ranks. We will take your new or existing website through our checklist of actions to ensure that your customers can find not only your business but also the products and services you want them to find. We will help direct a constant stream of organic traffic to your site.

. . . and Look Good, Too

Your Central Florida company has an brand image that you portray through your logo, business cards, store sign, social media, and all of your marketing materials. Keep your image consistent with a web design that matches. (Looking for a complete re-design? We do that, too!)

By combining great-looking websites with search engine optimization techniques, we craft websites that work for your business. Plus by using a SEO Web Designed Website by bouncemarketing.org – we can target help you get found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo… So connect with us today at 386-734-9600!

Like us on facebook.com/BounceMarketing | Proudly Serving Central Florida including Orlando, Deltona, Winter Springs, Mt Dora, Longwood, and South Orlando!

Why showcase your business with us?

Do you have a Website to promote and showcase your products and services.? If No then We Will Make For You!!!!

Our full service design firm offers the following services and products:

1. Corporate Identity, Branding, Logo Design

2. Web Site Design, Web Site Development

3. Multimedia presentations, Trade/Slideshow Multimedia

4. Banner Ads, Brochures, Illustrations, Custom Design

5 Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC & Link Building

6. E-Commerce Solutions

If you are interested, then I can send you an affordable with our best offer.


bouncemarketing.org / 386-734-9600

Here are 3 reasons we feel are most important for all clients to consider:

1 We ask questions and listen to discover your specific needs, so we can develop the best cross-media plan for you. We begin each project by gaining a solid understanding of your business. This helps us create strategic solutions that clearly and consistently communicate the right messages of your unique brand identity.
2 We collaborate with our clients through every stage of the project to ensure the best results. Good design is a collaborative process of discovery.

3We are focused on the client. We have worked with large corporations and brand new start up businesses alike and our focus is always the same – to deliver high quality services that deliver results for our clients.

Plus we are a charity – so your investment is 100 percent tax deductible and it is helping local youth in our community!

From logo design and graphic design to website design and development, all of your marketing materials will deliver a compelling and consistent message to connect with your audience.

There are a lot of reasons to change your logo – and at least as many reasons not to. Some organizations change their logo just for the sake of change, because the new marketing director wants to do something to prove her value, or because a brand redesign firm persuades them that a pricy redesign is in their best interest. These are not the best-thought-out reasons for a change.

If your organization has undergone a significant change, however, or has truly outgrown its logo, then taking a look at an update or new design may be just what your company needs to strengthen its brand. Certainly a new logo makes sense if you’ve had a business acquisition or a merger, or if you’re changing your name or doing another sort of rebrand. If your organization or the marketplace has evolved significantly, an updated logo can send the message of growth and development. It also can be a good idea if your old logo just doesn’t work for you. Perhaps it’s technically problematic, making it difficult to scale to web or new media. Or maybe the logo was designed hastily or with dated-looking fonts, colors, or shapes.

When considering a change, ask yourself and your team some questions.

  1. What difference would the change make?
  2. Does the current logo reflect where the company is headed?
  3. Does the current logo work equally well across all platforms?
  4. Does the logo you have today connect with customers in the way you want?
  5. And are they the customers you want?
  6. Is your current logo industry-appropriate while at the same time differentiating you from competition?


bouncemarketing.org / 386-734-9600

Radio Advertising Voice Over – Bounce Marketing Can Help You

Use a marketing organization that can help you improve your brand – get the voice you need to potentially increase your sales!  Bounce Marketing can help you achieve these simple goals!

If you’re going to advertise (and you should), it makes sense to spend your advertising money where you get the most results… Radio! Here are ten reasons why radio is your best choice (courtesy of the Radio Advertising Bureau).

1)  Radio sells with immediacy.

Research proves that radio regularly reaches consumers within two hours of their largest purchase of the day.Can there be a better time to reach customers than on their car radio while they are driving to do today’s shopping?

2)  Radio sells everywhere. 

Radio is the only true mobile medium. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is there…the companion and the advertising force your customers take with them wherever they go.

3)  Radio sells with intimacy.

In your personal life, when you have something very important to communicate to someone, which would you prefer – to show them a picture, to write to them, or to talk with the intimacy and emotion of the human voice?Radio sells with intimacy.

4)  Radio stars in the theatre of the mind. 

Want a 100-piece symphony orchestra in your ad, an elephant, a chorus, a laughing child, a love song?With word pictures and emotion-evoking sounds, radio’s theatre of the mind stimulates the most emotion-filled pictures the mind can comprehend.

5)  Radio escapes advertising’s clutter. 

Today’s newspapers average 2/3 ad copy to 1/3 editorial copy. TV spends about 1/3 of its time on advertising. Today’s radio, at about 10 minutes of advertising per hour, devotes less than 1/5 of its time to ads.Radio is the uncluttered medium.

6)  Radio is the cost effective medium.

Newspaper rates are up (even though circulation is down). TV ad rates are up (even though viewership is down).Radio advertising costs grew less than any other major form of advertising.

7)  Reach is nice, but frequency sells.

Newspaper and TV are reach media – they reach varying numbers of people. Psychologists tell us that consumers need to be exposed to an advertising message at least three times before it begins to penetrate. Most local businesses cannot afford the necessary three-times-plus frequency that effective advertising demands – except on radio. Radio is the reach and frequency medium you can afford.

8)  Radio’s targeted advertising sells.

Radio’s variety of formats allows you to pinpoint your advertising on the station or stations that best match your customer’s interests. You cannot pinpoint advertising in the broad-reach, scattershot newspaper and TV media forms. Radio’s unique targeting ability saves you money.

9)  You’re always on the front page with radio.

With radio advertising you are front and center in the listener’s attention span when your ad is on the air. You’re never buried on page 42 and you’re never surrounded by your competitor’s ads.With radio, you are always on the front page.

10)  Radio is an active medium in an active society.

Passive forms of advertising simply list merchandise or tell you where a product is available. Radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand, and selling your product or service. Today’s hotly competitive marketplace demands an active medium.  That’s radio!

Bounce Marketing can help you grow your business in so many ways!  Learn more now by scheduling an appointment with us at 386-734-9600 | offices: 610 Deltona Blvd, Deltona, Florida | bouncemarketing.org